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Odonil is a much famous brand in the filed of air fresheners and it comes from the well renowned brand in FMCG - Dabur India

Essential oil reed diffuser

Essential oil reed diffuser Odonil
There could be famously two ways of using the essential oils in the form of fragrances- as oil burners and in the form of different sizes of reeds as reed diffusers. The oil burners can be used in a ceramic pot or container where the essential oils are being burnt and the fragrances are then spread on to the room to get its benefits. But as the oils are burned in the container, you may not get the pure value of these essential oils as what you would get from any reed diffuser.

In contrast a reed diffuser works exactly on the principle of capillary action. The reeds are basically a long perennial grass typically being found in wet lands and have small capillary tubes inside, which absorbs liquid to get raised on its tip. The reed diffuser exactly works on the principle of this capillary principle where different sizes and lengths of reeds are being placed on the contained being filled with essential oils and the liquid of the oil is bring slowly raised at their tip to finally spread it into the room. The smaller the room will be, the larger its effect would be and this is why longer reeds are being installed on large halls or at open areas.

A main benefit of using reed diffusers is the smokeless environment unlike oil burners. Since it does not depend upon flames or fire so it is never can be dangerous to catch a fire accidently.

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